The details I long for in my work are the ones our consciousness often overlooks; the observations that take place in the moment, inspired by my fascination for architecture, nature and technology. I will not be guided by the socially desirable, but strive for my personal conviction. Motivated to inspire others I want to show how much there is still to (re)discover in the area of spatial design and spatialisation.

As a spatial designer I am looking for simplicity in nature and spatial design, to be able to connect these aspects to each other like symbionts. By shifting my focus to the future and by using nature as the source of wonder I hope to develop an innovative communal vision for our spatial designs. 

The secret to our planet is hidden in the echo of nature. Designs that are only made to be beautiful have no purpose in the future; they have to be part of the bigger picture and leave room for modernization.


Stephan grew up in the surroundings of the old Dutch city of Utrecht. In his younger years he already developed into a curious creator, fascinated with building. Even until high school he was merely focused on drawing houses and building constructions in the natural environment surrounding the town he lived in. 

Due to his broad range of interests Stephan had not really figured out what he wanted to study at the end of high school. Because of that he changed his field of study a couple of times. When he started studying Spatial Presentation and Communication at Nimeto in Utrecht, he finally knew it was the right choice. This study re-opened the world of creating, which he subconsciously longed for. After graduating he decided to take the next step, to study Spatial Design at the University of Arts in Utrecht (HKU). 

In 2020 he is expecting to graduate and obtain his Bachelor of Arts specialized in Spatial Design at the University of Arts in Utrecht, upon which he is going to work from his own atelier in Utrecht. With his work he wants to show how much there is still to discover in terms of designing alongside nature. The natural phenomenon and processes that we often overlook, or even forget, are the source for renewal in spatial design.